A strategy to prevent tower theft will be implemented.

A strategy to prevent tower theft will be implemented.

Ethiopian Electric Power’s Chief Executive Office has announced plans to introduce strategies aimed at curbing the escalating problem of tower theft.

Wale Tamire, Manager of Administrative Affairs and Documentation Office under the CEO’s office, stated that tower theft and related issues are causing significant damage to the company’s properties, including power outages.

Mr. Wale mentioned that due to the extensive deployment of high-power transmission lines across the country, there are plans to establish a regular platform for discussions with regional governments down to the kebele units to foster a sense of ownership.

He also announced that there are specific areas where tower theft occurs frequently, and EEP will collaborate with local administrative bodies and community to find a sustainable resolution.

According to Ato Wale, in addition to administrative tasks, there are plans to implement various technologies such as Tower Surveillance Systems and Electric Transmission Monitoring Sensors to enhance security alerts.

Additionally, the company will focus on modernization activities aimed at enhancing the capacity of physical security measures.

In the 2015 Ethiopian fiscal year, Ethiopian Electric Power incurred losses of over 100 million birr due to electricity infrastructure theft.

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