Maintenance work at the power stations has been completed.

Maintenance work at the power stations has been completed.

The Ethiopian Electric Power Own Force Construction Department has announced the completion of retaining wall and road maintenance works at the Awash 2 and 3 power plants.

Company officials conducted a field visit to inspect the completion of the retaining wall and road maintenance works at the power plants.

During a field visit, Engineer Girma Mengesha, the Civil Works Maintenance Manager, mentioned that the retaining wall built at the site is 110 meters long and 10 meters high.

The manager also highlighted that 125 meters of road maintenance work had been completed at the power stations.

The manager explained that although a seven-month timeframe was allotted for the project, various human and natural factors hindered progress, causing delays in meeting the expected construction pace.

He acknowledged the project’s challenges due to the rocky terrain of the construction site and the need to utilize heavy machinery.

The manager noted that a landslide caused by the Awash River near the power plant has created difficulties in carrying out operational activities.

He expressed gratitude to the Generation Operation and Engineering departments for their contributions to completing the project.

He explained to visitors that this project represents the largest maintenance effort undertaken by the Own Force Construction Department at power plants.

Mr. Zewdu Shenkute, the project site manager, attributed the delays in completing and handing over the project to the increasing costs of construction materials and frequent breakdowns of construction machinery.

The manager emphasized that more than 4,500 quintals of cement were used for constructing the retaining wall and maintaining roads at the power station.

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