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Objective of innovative and new business ideas

EEP is established to provide adequate and quality electricity generation and transmission through continuous improvement of management practices responsive to the socio economic development and environmental projection need of the public by implementing the construction of power plants, transmission lines, substation, operation and energy wholesale.

From experience of other worldwide power companies, they are participating in other activities other than power sector using their owned resources. So in addition to the above activity of EEP should also participate on other activities to make additional income and financially sustainable using the resources available. We have prepared this website in order create a chance for any EEP staffs to give proposals for better performance of EEP and innovative and new business ideas to be implemented activities in addition to transmission and Generation sector. Please use the following email addresses to forward your new business ideas or any proposals for the Research and Development department using the attached format.

Ethiopian Electric Power Research and Development Department appreciates any innovative and business ideas related to power sector. We are interested to hear from you if you have such innovative ideas.

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