The history of electricity in Ethiopia goes back to the late 1880s. The service Started by Emperor Minilik–II through one diesel generator powering up the national palace. The diesel generator was a gift from the government of Germany.

EEP History
EEP Establishment

Ethiopian Electric Power Authority (EELPA) was established in 1955(1948 E.C).  It was reestablished as Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation (EEPCo) after restructuring in 1996(1989E.C). The corporation was reorganized in to two entities, Ethiopian Electric Power (EEP) and Ethiopian Electric Utility (EEU) in 2013(2006 E.C).

Ethiopian Electric Power (EEP) was established by the FDRE Council of Ministers Regulation No. 302/2013 and amended Regulation No. 381/2016 to implement the following objectives.  Therefore, the following are the objectives for which the EEP is mandated in accordance with the amended Regulation of the Council of Ministers of FDRE No. 381/2016.


Electricity supply system

Currently, there are 22 interconnected generation plants and they are mainly from hydropower and wind farms.  In addition to these, the EEP also has power plants that generate energy from solid waste and geothermal sources.

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