GERD Donation

The Ethiopian Renaissance Dam represents Ethiopia’s quest for sustainable development through harnessing the Nile’s waters for energy and irrigation. Your donation can help propel this transformative project forward, providing clean energy and supporting communities. Join us in contributing to Ethiopia’s journey toward a brighter future.

Recipient / Beneficiary organization:​

Ethiopian Electric Power (EEP)

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


Via Commercial Bank of Ethiopia

Wire transfer code / SWIFT Code:


Account numbers:​

USD :- 1000001071077

EURO :- 1000001040107

GBP :- 1000001044908

Please note

that depending on the bank you use there may be a fee associated with international transfer in foreign currency. In most cases the amount of the fee may be too high for small amounts you may be donating. We suggest using other means for smaller donations or making the transfer in local currency (Birr) to avoid the fee.

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