Training has commenced for the Electromechanical and SAP Travel Management modules.

Training has commenced for the Electromechanical and SAP Travel Management modules.

The Human Resources Training and Development bureau stated that Ethiopian Electric Power has commenced training for the electro-mechanical and the second phase of SAP travel management modules.

According to Mr. Batery Derese, the representative of the bureau manager, training for electro-mechanical technicians working in various power plants and substations across Ethiopia has begun.

77 trainees have commenced their four-month training program at Kotebe Training Center, Adama Wind Farm, and Adama Substation.

He mentioned that out of the 77 trainees, 56 are new recruits from various parts of the country, while the remaining 21 were selected from the company’s employees to enhance their education.

Mr. Battery emphasized that electro-mechanical training has been crucial in fulfilling the organization’s workforce needs. He highlighted that employees trained in electromechanical skills at the company’s training center are fully prepared to take on important roles within the organization.

He pointed out that special support has been provided to trainees from pastoral areas during this training session.

Mr. Battery mentioned that initiatives have been implemented to improve the quality of electromechanical training.

He stated that the new electromechanical training program will include a continuous assessment system for trainees, as well as programs designed to help them develop behavioral values alongside technical knowledge.

In relation to this, Mr. Battery announced that the SAP phase two implementation includes the official commencement of user training for travel management.

The implementation of the second phase of the travel management module will modernize the allowance system at the power stations and enable centralized control.

According to the officer, the training will integrate both theoretical and practical components, involving financial experts from all power stations and regions.

Additionally, he mentioned that a dedicated training facility equipped with 50 computers has been established specifically for the SAP phase two module training.

He requested that the training center be divided into distinct zones and protected from vehicular and pedestrian traffic to ensure optimal functionality.

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