The substation civil construction work has reached more than 12 percent

The part of the southern grid expansion project Arbaminchi II 230 KV substation civil construction work has reached 12.5 percent site manager of the project said

Mr. Andualem Melaku, manager of the project, describes that the Arbaminichi II substation project will receive power from the LILO line, which stretches from the Wailita Sodo II substation to the Shigdan substation project.

Andualem explained that the substation has two 125, two 63, and two 50 megavolt ampere transformers; one 230 kV double circuit incoming line, and also there will be one 132, ten 33, and five 15 KV outgoing lines.

According to the manager, the site’s excavation works have been completed; backfilling is 69 percent, design work is 92 percent, and electromechanical equipment manufacturing work is 58 percent completed.

The manager mentioned that the foundation excavation works for the substation control room and transformers have been completed and the bottom foundation concrete (pad) filling and steel erection works are being carried out.

The construction works of the Arbaminchi II substation started in November 2023, and currently, the total civil construction work has reached 12.5 percent.

He pointed out that the substation project has created job opportunities for 50 citizens.

Arba Minchi II substation, which is being built with a budget of more than 37.09 million USD, will play a significant role in providing reliable and sufficient electric power to the agro-processing industrial park planned to be built in the area and to the local community.

The Southern Grid Expansion Project includes three new substation projects at Shigdan, Tirga, and Arbaminichi II; the expansion works of Arbaminchi I and Wolaita Sodo II substations, as well as the construction works of the 424-kilometer transmission line.

The construction work of the Southern Grid Expansion Project, which has a budget of more than 178.27 million USD, is being carried out by Hyosung Heavy Industries Corporation, a South Korean company, and Byucksan Power Co. Ltd. is participating in the consulting work.

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