Final ToR for Technical and Procurement Support Consultancy

Final ToR for Technical and Procurement Support Consultancy

The Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia is set to become the borrower of the loan from the World Bank for the implementation of the Power Sector Reform Investment and Modernization in Ethiopia (PRIME) program. Part of the proceeds will be used for the current consultancy service. This groundbreaking initiative is strategically designed to address and rectify the chronic issues with power supply reliability in the Ethiopian context, particularly in areas where this reliability is consistently compromised within the broader Ethiopian network.

A comprehensive assessment conducted by the Ethiopian Electric Utility (EEU) has identified and prioritized 72 towns facing acute and persistent challenges in power supply reliability. These issues encompass frequent outages, voltage fluctuations, and capacity limitations, all of which have substantial socio-economic implications for the communities. To address these pressing concerns, the PRIME program will undertake activities in a multiphase Programmatic approach (MPA).In tandem with the distribution system improvements, Ethiopian Electric Power (EEP) will focus on enhancing high-voltage supply reliability. This entails fortifying the backbone of the power grid, which feeds the distribution networks within the identified towns. By improving the reliability of high-voltage transmission lines and substations, EEP aims to mitigate the cascading effects of power disruptions and reduce the frequency and severity of blackouts. This, in turn, will bolster the resilience of the entire power system, ensuring a more stable and dependable energy supply for both urban and rural areas.

In Ethiopia’s ongoing efforts to modernize and fortify its power sector, EEU’s and financial support from the World Bank under the PRIME program marks a significant milestone. The detailed approach outlined here represents a critical step toward achieving the overarching goal of providing sustainable and reliable electricity access to the most vulnerable and underserved communities in the country as well.

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