Woldiya high voltage substation construction has reached 48 percent

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The Woldiya 400 / 230/33/15 kV  substation project ,that is being built in North Wollo zone Woldiya town, has reached 48 percent, Bahirdar- Woldiya -Kombolcha  power transmission and substation project has been announced.

The project site engineer Mr. Habtamu Teshome said,  the construction of foundation for electro mechanical and steel structure work and burying cables, two 75 MVA transformer and two 500 MVA transformer have been completed.

Finishing work for control room, staff residence, security house, Switch gear and drainage system is underway, he noted.

He further said that the construction of gravel paving, interior fencing, switch yard construction and cable positioning will be carried out.

Electromechanical assembly and steel work has been completed, and the site engineer will be given further attention, he said.

According to the engineer, switch yard construction and cable laying work will pay attention.

The substation will have two transformers with a capacity of 500 MVA and two 75 MVA transformers with the capacity of 150 MVA.

The project manager Mrs. Yetinayet Yimer said, morethan  900 million birr is allocated to the project.

Shanghai Electro Group is the contactor and Ethiopian Electric Power is a consultant.

The substation has 33 kV and 15 kV eight outgoing lines each and the average performance reached 48 percent.

When the substation is completed, it will benefit the Woldiya industry park, the railway project and Woldiya city and its surrounding.

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