The high voltage substation and transmission line in the Somali region nearing completion

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Goade-Kebri Dehar 132 KV high voltage   Transmission Line works site manager, Ato Tewodros Gashaw said that the line has been carried out from the existing Goade 230/123 kV substation to the newly built Kebri Dehar 132/33 high voltage substation .

The line has 419  erected towers and covers 146 kilometers. Construction of this line has been completed and  started commissioning work from July,2019 the project.

The Commissioning team  is conducting  from the Ethiopian Electric power tansmission and substation  Construction Office, a private consulting firm ECOM  company , and Ethiopan  electric utility  universal electrification program.

As of mid-September, The commissioning has carried out has more than 245 towers and over 90 kilometers of wire stretching , with plans to finalize the rest with  in recent days.

The construction of this line is known to be part of the construction of the Goade-Kebridehar 132/33 kV High voltage transmission line and substation.

The built of the project has significant role in mobilize the pastoralists in one place  to benefit from sustainable development infrastructure as well as enhancing modern life style.

In the meantime, the newly kebridhar 132/33 Kv substation,which  about  1,000 kilometers from Addis Ababa, nearing completion.

According to Ato Tewodros kefelegn, Project Civil works head, except for small civil work , the construction of the substation was completed  and  ready for commissioning.

When The substation began to operation, it is believed that, it provide sufficient electric power to kebridahar city and surrounding towns ,to stimulate social and economic activities.

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