The Ethio-Kenya power purchase agreement was concluded

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The Ethio-Kenya electricity power purchase agreement negotiations were concluded yesterday evening.
The agreement was signed by Chief Executive Officer of Ethiopian Electric Power, Engineer Ashbir Balcha and Managing Director of Kenya Electric Light and Power Company, Engineer Goferi Muli in the presence of the Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta and the FDRE State minister of Finance Dr. Ayob Tekalign.
The agreement enables Ethiopia to sell 200 megawatts of electricity to Kenya and aims to increase the amount of electric supply to Kenya up to 400 megawatts in the future.
The power purchase agreement that Ethiopia is conducting with neighboring countries is strengthening the economic, political and social ties between the countries.
Ethiopia is already have a power purchase agreement with Sudan and Djibouti, and has signed a memorandum of understanding with Somaliland, Tanzania, South Sudan and other African countries to sell electricity.
The construction work of the Ethio-Kenya 500 KV high Voltage power transmission line and AC-DC Convertor station project was started in 2008 and completed at a cost of more than 183 million dollars.

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