Salini claimed more than a billion dollars

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The Prime Minister of the FDRE, Dr. Abiy Ahmed, has announced that the civil contractor of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam has claimed more than one billion dollars due to the delay in the project.

In a statement to the House of Representatives today, the prime minister said Salini’s cliam is resolved and agreed to pay 450 million Euros after lengthy negotiations.

He said that if Salini’s claim could not be resolved through negotiations, we would not be able to achieve the milestones we have set for the construction of the dam.

According to the Prime Minister, more than 20 billion birr debt has been incurred so far in connection with the construction of the dam, but there is not a single birr debt owed since the National reform.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister said the Chemoga – Yeda hydropower project is a viable project but not continue due to financial constraints.

The Exim Bank of China was agreed to finance the project, however it said that it will not provide loans on the development of the Nile tributaries.

He said if the lender Bank releases the loan, the Chemoga – Yeda hydropower project will be resumed, but if that does not happen, other financial options will be available in the future.

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