Resettlement Action Plan RAP Butajira Worabe TL Project

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Ethiopian Electric power (EEP) currently provides electricity to an estimated 2.13 million customers in Ethiopia. This represents only about 32% of the population who has access to electricity. Therefore, the country has one of the lowest levels of annual energy consumption per capital in the sub-Saharan Africa. Much of the remaining population survives in conditions of relative poverty and energy insecurity. EEP plans to increase electricity coverage from the existing 32% to 61% and the number of customers from 2.5 million to 7 million.

All of these mean that Ethiopia needs to expand its electricity production, transmission and distribution capacity several fold to fuel its growing economy as well as expand rural population’s access to electricity.

Therefore, Butajira – Worabe TL Project has been selected by EEP as one of its key capacity to meet growing demand in the area. It will address the need to transfer the energy generated to areas of residential and industrial energy consumption located in and around Worabe town area.

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Resettlement Action Plan RAP Butajira Worabe TL Project EEP

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