Power Generation

Power Generation

Ethiopia has been able to record rapid and continuous growth in the past two decades. The development of electricity has contributed significantly to this economic and social development.

According to the amended Regulation of the Council of Ministers of Ethiopia No. 381/2016 issued to establish the Ethiopian Electric Power, the institution has been given the responsibility of building power plants, power transmission and substation, wholesale of electricity, compliance research, design and survey work.

Currently, EEP is managing 22 power generating stations.  Among them, 16 are from hydro, these are Gibe III (1870 M.W), Beles (460 M.W), Gilgel Gibe II (420 MW), Tekeze (300 MW), Gilgel Gibe I (184 MW), Melka Wakena (153 MW), Fincha (134 MW), Amarti Neshe (95 MW), Tis Abay II (73 MW), Koka (43.2 MW), Awash II (32 MW), Awash III (32 MW), Tis Abay I (11.4 MW) Aba Samuel (6.6MW);  Genale Dawa III (254 MW) and the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (the two early generation units of 750 MW) generate a total of 4818.2 MW from hydro.

In terms of wind, Adama II (153 MW), Ashgoda (120 MW) and Adama I (51 MW), additionally Ayisha II have been partially completed and started operation with the capacity of 80 MW. The rest is expected from steam power and diesel reserves.

Installed capacity (MW) of ICS as of 2014 EFY (2021/22 G.C.)

No.Power PlantHydroDieselGeo thermalWindBiomassTotalIn-service date (G.C)
2Awash II320.1---32.11966
3Awash III32----321971
5Meleka Wakena153----1531988
6Tis Abay I11.4----11.41964
7Tis Abay II73----732001
8Gilgel Gibe I184----1842004
9Aluto Langano--7.3--7.31999
11Dire Dawa-40---402004
12Awash 7 killo-35---352004
14Gilgel Gibe II420----4202010
16Amerti Neshi95----952011
17Gilgel Gibe III1870----18702015
19Genale Dawa254.1----254.12020
20Adama I---51-512012
23Adama II---153-1532014
24Rappie Waste----25252019
25Dire Dawa (mu)-3.6---3.61965
ICS Total4818.399.177.3324255273.77
Share (%)90.720.16.60.5100