Electricity Network Reinforcement and Expansion Project (ENREP) Update the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) for LOT-I: Metu-Mesha 230 KV Single Circuit Transmission Line.

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Ethiopia is striving to ensure access to power by its growing population. To this effect, the country has diversified the sources of power, i.e., wind, solar and geothermal. Some wind power has entered the national grid but there are initiations for feasibility studies for solar power in the different dryland areas of Ethiopia, e.g., Afar and Somali. Masha town is endowed with natural resources and has huge economic resources to contribute to the national economy and improve the quality of life of its own and surrounding communities. The lack of power has been a bottleneck for local economic development and national economy through attracting investments.

Masha town is located 70 km from Metu substation. The Metu – Masha 230 kV single circuit transmission line project is anticipated to boost economic development in Masha and its surroundings and improve quality of life. Furthermore, the construction of a new sub-station at Masha could be a pivotal hub for subsequent distribution of power to other Woreda towns in Sheka Zone of the South West Ethiopia Peoples’ Regional State and Ilubabor Zone.

The Metu – Masha 230 kV single circuit transmission line project is a schedule 1 project according to the Ethiopia classification of development projects. Such projects require a full ESIA study.

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Revised ESIA Report Metu Masha Final

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