Gibe I has carried out successful maintenance and operations

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The manager of Gibe I Power Station, Desalegn Niguse, said the operation activities during the past six months have been successful in the past six months.

According to the manager, it is planned to generate 534.2 GWH of energy in six months, it has achieved 120 percent of the plan by generating 600 GW hours of energy.

The power plant has a 230/132 kV switchyard and has three outgoing lines to supply electricity to Gedo, Sebeta and Sekoru substations.

In addition to operation activities, maintenance have been carried out on air cooling and SCADA systems as well as switchyard, he said.

He added, by conducting modification work on the switchyard, it has been able to prevent the recurrence of power outages in the switchyard.

The standby diesel generator, which had been damaged for eight years, also repaired.

Gilgel Gibe I hydropower plant, has the capacity to generate 184 MW, become operational in 2002.

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