Genale Dawa III Hydro Power Project dams water in momentum

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Ato Tewodros Hussien,Acting deputy manager of the project, said that, the construction of the Genale Dawa III hydro electric power plant is underway.

Currently, the dam water level has reached 95.73m height, remaining only1.27 meters high to meet the required water level.

According to ato Tewodros, a dry test based on mechanical and electrical works would conduct a last-minute attempt to generate power. The communication lines on the power transmission were fixed. Overall, the dam holds 2.57 billion cubic meters of water.

In addition, the manager said studies have started on the dam in collaboration with the regional agricultural bureau to deploy local youth benefit from fishery production.

The Genale Dawa III power plant, which extends over 50 km, will have a role to play in protecting the ecosystem. The project has already been allocated to power and maintenance technicians he added.

The project has reached its current stage by performing a number of civil, electro-mechanical and Steel Structure operations, including the Main Dam, Water Release Tunnel, Spillway, Power Intake and the Water Tunnel.

Electro-mechanical installation of the three units has completed including the construction of control room and diesel generator.

The office also said that the construction of Emergency Gate Shaft, Sergeant Shaft, Vertical Shaft, and Tel-Renaissance Complex is already carried out.

The construction of the 56-kilometer access road is being undertaken and the asphalt road section has been completed.
The project is being undertaken 630 kilometers from Addis Ababa in the Oromia regional state, between Bale and Guji zones. Up on completion, It is expected to generate 254 MW having an average annual production capacity of 1640 GW per hour.

The Chinese company, CGGC, is conducting the civil and electro-mechanical works of the project, and its consultant operations has been carried out by the USA based company called MWH in conjunction with local firms namely Acute and Integral. The project creates temporary job opportunity for 390 Ethiopians.

The total cost of the project, which was initiated in 2003, is $ 451 million, of which 60% is financed by Exim Bank of China and the remaining 40 percent is covered by the government of Ethiopia.

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