First Power Sector Reform Investment and Modernization in Ethiopia (PRIME-1) Project (P176731)-Environmental and Social Management Framework (ESMF)

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The World Bank will be supporting Ethiopia Electric Power and Ethiopia Electric Utility in implementing the First Power Sector Reform Investment and Modernization in Ethiopia (PRIME-1). The Project Development Objective is to is to strengthen and expand the electricity network, enable renewable energy generation, and support power sector reforms. The Project will support the following activities: Component 1 will support the distribution MV Network Refurbishment and Modernization. This will include the rehabilitation of power distribution networks across 72 towns and the installation of a distribution transformer (DT) metering system in Addis Ababa. Component 2, the Transmission Network Strengthening and Modernization, will support the construction of 14 new transmission lines and substations. Component 3, Enabling private participation in Renewable Energy (RE) Generation, will support geothermal drilling and resource establishment. The Component will further establish a Forex Liquidity Support Mechanism (FLSM). Component 4 will deliver technical assistance and capacity building to the Petroleum and Energy Regulatory Authority (PEA).

The project activities will take place nationwide. Specific locations of subproject activities are not known at this stage, as they are still being selected. Where sub-project sites are known already, Environmental and Social Impact Assessments (ESIA) are being prepared already. This Environmental and Social Management Framework (ESMF) has been prepared to identify the potential environmental and social risks and impacts of proposed Project activities and propose suitable mitigation measures to manage these risks and impacts.

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