Environmental & Social Impact Assessment for Haromaya – Chelenko 132kV Power TL Project Draft Report for Consultation

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The Haromaya – Chelenko 132kV Power Transmission Line project is aligned with Ethiopia’s National Electrification Program (NEP 2.0), which envisions to achieve near-universal electrification by 2030 and the Ethiopian Electric Power’s (EEP) Electricity Sector Development Strategy/Plan (2020/21 – 2030), which provides for priority investments in generation, transmission and interconnection as well as the distribution and network expansion over its 2020/21 – 2030 plan horizon.

This scheme is part of the Power Sector Reform Investment and Modernization-1 (PRIME-1) Main Project, which, in turn, is part of the overall Electricity Network Reinforcement and Expansion Project (ENREP) owned and implemented by the Ethiopian Electric Power (EEP).

The Haromaya – Chelenko 132kV Power Transmission Line Sub-project has been proposed to strengthen the existing 66kV substation by construction of a 132kV substation near  Haromaya and  Chelenko alleviate some of the loads from the already fully loaded transformers and increase the Power quality and reliability in Haromaya, Chelenko and surrounding towns which will ultimately increase power accessibility and investment.

The nature and impact magnitude of the proposed project, as per the Ethiopian EIA Guideline and WB’s Environmental and Social Assessment Procedures, is classified as Schedule 1 and Category A, respectively. Thus, the project requires an Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA).

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