Eastern Ethiopia Electric Grid Reinforcement Project-Phase 1

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Ethiopia is implementing a ten-year strategic development plan that spans from 2020 to 2030. Through these national development programs, it is planned to increase electricity service coverage from 44% to 100%, increase power generating capacity from 4,180 MW to 17,208 MW, build distribution lines from 16,018 km to 21,728 km, increase power service accessibility from 33% to 95%, and ultimately increase annual per capital electricity consumption from 86 kWh to 1,269 kWh. This means that Ethiopia needs to significantly increase its power production, transmission, and distribution capacity in order to drive its expanding economy and provide access to electricity to its rural people.

Consequently, one of the strategic areas in this ten-year plan is to reinforce Eastern Ethiopia electric gird. In this Eastern Ethiopia Electric Grid Reinforcement Project- phase 1 (EEGRP-1), new 400kV transmission lines extend from Hurso substation to Jigjiga and new substations in Harer, Fafem, Jigjiga and Birqod is planned to be constructed with some existing substation upgrading and extension.  The general objectives of this Power Transmission Project are:

    • Provide reliable electricity to rural towns and main cities in the Somali and Harare region;
    • Complete the Ring interconnection in the Eastern region through Kebridehar-Deghabur transmission line;
    • Lay the groundwork for the coming Ethiopian-Somali Power Interconnection in Horn Africa Economic integration program

The scope of this project is to reinforce and upgrade the existing 132kV transmission network at Harar and Jigjiga to 400 kV level by extending from Hurso. In addition to this new 132kV substation will be built in Fafem & Birqod and new 132kv transmission line from Kebridehar and Deghabur.

This EEEGRP-1 power transmission project is financed by the African Development Bank (AfDB), where the implementing agency of the project is Ethiopian Electric Power (EEP).

The development of the proposed project will involve potential impacts – to the physical, biological and socioeconomic environment that need to be assessed. The Environmental Assessment guideline prepared by Environmental Protection Authority (EPA, 2002) requires development projects to reduce adverse effects on the physical, biological and socio-economic environments. The EPA guideline lists schedule of activities that require full ESIA. Furthermore AfDB’s Environmental and Social Assessment Procedure (ESAP) and Integrated Safeguards System (ISS) require full ESIA with their embedded Environmental and Social Management Plans ESIA/ESMP, Resettlement Action Plan/RAP and other management plans for category 1 project.

Therefore, EEP has contracted consultancy service to independent consultant called Mid-Day International (MDI) Consulting Engineers to assess the project impact based on the AfDB’s safeguard instruments and EPA guidelines. Based on this contract agreement the consultant has conducted the study and produce the following reports:

  • Environmental and Social Impact Assessment /ESIAs

            FINAL ESIA Report For HHJ 400kV TL Project 17042023

            FINAL ESIA Report For DK 132kV TL Project 17042023

  • Resettlement Action Plan /RAPs

            FINAL RAP Report For HHJ 400kV TL Project 17042023

            FINAL RAP Report For DK 132kV TL Project 17042023

  • Stakeholder Engagement Plan /SEP

           FINAL SEP Report For HHJ & DK TL Project 17042023

  • Grievance Redress Mechanism /GRM

           FINAL GRM Report For HHJ & DK TL Project 17042023

  • Labour Management Plan /LMP

            FINAL LMP Report For HHJ & DK TL Project 18042023

  • Gender Action Plan /GAP

            FINAL GAP Report For HHJ & DK TL Project 17042023

Environmental Protection Authority of Ethiopia has reviewed the ESIA reports and issued the required clearance on March 3, 2023.

           HHJ EPA Clearance

           DK EPA Clearance

To get all in one ZIP File click below link

Eastern Ethiopia Electric Grip Reinforcement Project phase

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