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  • Taking into account the importance of research and development in the electricity sector and the country’s socio-economic development, Ethiopian Electric Power (EEP) Research and Development department has been designated to coordinate the research-related activities for the development of the power sector to secure sustainable development at the national level, as well as to carry out the research that secures the required sustainable and reliable electric supply. As the department is mandated to undertake and coordinate the research works, it has identified the research thematic areas/topics/ and is seeking for competent researchers that are capable to undertake the research and come up with solutions to the problems identified. Therefore the department invites qualified researchers for the following research areas.
    II. Topics or titles identified for 2022/23 call for research proposal
    The topics identified for the research are: –
    1. Road to financial sustainability and affordability (system loss, tariff, investment, equity..) in Ethiopian Electric Power.
    2. Power quality problems and improvement in the Ethiopian power system.
    3. Assessment of ESIA implementation on energy sectors: the case of Ethiopian Electric Power projects.
    4. Integrated hydropower reservoir management and optimization with an optimal power usage of renewable energy including technologies to be used.
    5. Assessing and determining factors that influence employee engagement in Ethiopian Electric Power.
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