Butajira-Buee Power Transmission and substation project nearing to completion

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The 132-KV power transmission line and substation is located in Gurage Zone, Sodo district, 100 km from Addis Ababa.

The construction of the 132 kV power transmission line and substation in Bhutanjra – Buee is a project under construction as per the agreement between the Ethiopian Electric Power and Ethiopian Electric Utility in January 2017.

The Buee Power Station, which is being built in Buee, has a capacity of 132 KV including  25 MVA transformers. It is also known that the substation has four 15-kV and four 33 kV variants in total.

According to Habtamu Kurate, Civil Works Supervisor Engineer, the project civil works are completed including control rooms, gravel seating, underground tunnels, and Swichyard fence declaring a total performance of 96 percent.

The substation site could subject to local farmers in the future as the 25,000-square-foot storage fence was not cleared and the size of the site would not be standardized. Therefore, it would be good if the concerned department could immediately realize the seriousness of the matter and shorten its scope.

The power plant has been able to create temporary employment opportunities for the 109 locals, not only to link the city’s youth with the development but also to improve their day-to-day income.

It is said that the construction of the power transmission line extending from the existing power station from Bhutanjra to the power station that is being built in Buye is also complete.

This 132 kV power transmission line, which is 30 kilometers long and holds 78 towers, explains that we have received information that the construction is currently being completed.

The Bhutanjra-Bhai is a 132-kV power transmission line and distribution station primarily owned by the Ethiopian Electric Power Transmission Construction Office, while providing the facilities needed for the construction of the Universal Electrification Access Program in Ethiopia. It explains the information we have received.

For several years prior to the project, the city of Buye had access to electricity in the 33 kV power supply line from the city of Bhutanjra, but it was noted that the community’s energy demand and supply were unmatched, and there was a serious disruption.

The construction of this project is believed to solve the massive power supply problem that has been observed in the city of Bui and nearby areas.

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