Akaki – Koye Abbo-Klinto-Bole -Lemi high voltage Transmission Line and Substations Project Starts Commissioning and Testing

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Akaki – Koye Abbo-Klinto-Bole-Lemi 400/230 kV high voltage Transmission Line and Substaion Project office announced the commencement of Commissioning and testing.

 The project Office Manager, Ato Mohammed Shukur said that, the Commissioning and testing activities are being carried out by experts from the Ethiopian Electric Power Engineering office, Transmission Operation office and Transmission Substation Construction office.

The project is located in Addis Ababa city, namely Akaki and Bole Sub-cities in Koye Abo, kilinto, and Bole lemi.

The project embraces the construction of new 230/33 kV substations in Kilinto, Bole- lemi and 400/230/15 kV in Koye Abbo including expansion work on the existing 400 kV Gelan substation.

With the exception of some civil and electronic construction works, currently testing and commissioning works has been carried out on 230/33 kV kilinto and Bole substations as well as  400/230/15 kV located at Koye Abo.

The project also includes the construction of 400 kV and 230 kV high voltage Transmission Line having a total length of 28.4 km.

The construction of the transmission line is expected to be completed within the next two to three months.

The China Electric Power Group TBA is conducting the construction of the project and the supervision works is undertaken by the Ethiopian Electric Power Engineering Bureau.

More than 2.1 billion Birr was allocated to finance the project, 83 percent of which will be financed by the Chinese Export Bank and the remaining 17 percent is covered by the Ethiopian government.

The project manager, also went to say that, in addition to providing reliable electric power to the Bole –lemi Industrial Park, the project will fully address the energy demand of residents, condominiums and various investors.

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