A system development plan has been developed for the next ten years

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Ethiopian Electric Power has developed a system development plan that will be implemented over the next ten years.

The plan is ready for final consultation with stakeholders.

According to the plan, EEP plans to increase its generating capacity from 4,515 MW to 17,056 MW and the length of the high-voltage transmission lines from the current 19,746 km to 33,497 km.

According to the corporate planning office, the number of existing 176 substations with the capacity of more than 132 kV will increase to 265 during the plan period.

It is planned to reduce transmission loss from 6 percent to 3.5 percent and increase the company’s revenue from $ 2.99 million to 5.32 billion USD.

According to the plan, it is deliberate to increase its current access to the Grid from 33 percent to 96 percent.

It will consider reducing the share of hydroelectric production from 93 percent to 73 percent and increasing the share of wind, geothermal and solar power.

Currently, there are 24 substations and 3,740 km transmission line is under construction and a feasibility study of 79 substations and 4,130 km transmission line has been completed.

It is planned to conduct a feasibility study of 60 substations and 5,880 km transmission line.

Both the ongoing constructions and the pipeline projects will enable the equitable distribution of electricity infrastructure throughout the country.

35.9 billion USD or 1.36 trillion birr is needed to construct the aforementioned electric infrastructure.

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