A performance based reward system will be implemented – HR executive

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The Ethiopian Electric HR executive, Atalay Abebe, has urged all work units should apply proper education level, discipline and work experience while conducting promotion.

He also said that the institute will implement a performance based reward system that will focus on the company establishment.

Director of Human Resources Administration Temam Afdel has stated that he is working to provide free service from complaints, exams, and result advertising processes according to the standard he has held.

Human Resource Management Director, Mr.Temam Afdel, on his part said work is underway to provide a complaint-free service by following the standards of promotion exam preparation, grading  and results notification process.

Chairman of the labor union, Mekonnen Kifle, has stated that there are gaps in the implementation of standardized promotion instruments in all sectors.

He said the rules and regulations issued by the HR executive should be implemented in all departments in order to help resolve grievances in the promotion, transfer and employment of workers.

Ethiopian Electric Power has more than 8 thousand permanent and temporary employees.

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